How do I choose the right catering company? That’s generally the first question that people who are putting on an event ask themselves. Since no two caterers are alike, the time involved trying to weed out the good ones from all the others can be quite extensive.

There are many things to consider. The Number of People that are invited, the Size of the Facility, and the Type of Event being catered are just a few of the initial questions that need to be satisfactorily answered. Will there be Entertainment? Will a Bar and/or Bartender be needed? How about a Wait Staff? Are some of your guests Vegetarian? If you want a Barbecue Party, besides the food, will the caterer supply a barbecue Grill and an experienced grill person? These are all important factors in choosing the right catering company.

Luckily, there is one catering company that stands out from the rest: Furio’s Deli and Corporate Catering.

They have been catering to this community and the surrounding areas for years and their reputation always precedes them. They are the professionals who lead the way in today’s corporate catering industry. Furio’s menus are healthy and always cooked precisely the way their clients requested, and their caring service and wide variety of unmatched cuisine is world class.

Furio’s hot Hors D’Oeurvres menu is enough to convince most people that they have made the right catering choice. The list is too long to name them all, but the list does contain some of these tasty morsels: crab puffs, pigs in a blanket, cream cheese poppers, shrimp lejon, chicken and or beef kabobs, clams casino, stuffed mushrooms with crab imperial, and mozzarella sticks.

If the Hors D’Oeuvres sounded terrific, let’s sample some of the other menu options. All of the items on Furio’s Corporate Menu will make your mouth water. Baked manicotti, vegetable lasagna, tortellini, roast beef, sausage scallopini, BBQ beef, chicken parmigiana, roast turkey… and the array of delectable dishes goes on and on.

Furio’s Deli has catering menus for all occasions: corporate catering, wedding catering, birthday parties, business catering, holiday celebrations, showers, tailgate parties and even BBQ parties, to name a few. And speaking of BBQ parties, Furio’s provides a five-foot grill and an experienced grill person for your barbecue enjoyment. Rolls and condiments along with paper products are also included.

Furio’s Deli is your complete catering and event coordination source!

Furio’s Deli caters to every size event, no matter how many guests are coming. Furio’s’ party trays, which are out of this world, are available for twelve to twenty-five people per tray. Furio’s also furnishes a seasoned wait staff and trained bartender services as needed. They can also assist you in finding the appropriate facility for your catered function. Does your get together require entertainment? If so, then Furio’s once again can accommodate. They have contacts with area Entertainment and DJ services.

So not only do they provide the finest catering available in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas, Furio’s can assist you with every last detail involved in planning your event. Your event, celebration or banquet will be the best one you’ve ever put on when you make the right choice, with Furio’s Deli as your complete catering and event coordination source.