The delicatessen, also known by its much shorter name of ‘deli’, has been in this country since before 1900. They have a tradition of serving a fresher and wider menu than say a fast food restaurant or a hoagie and steak shop. They prepare sandwiches to order, salads and other foods that the customer can generally eat there, take it to go, or have it conveniently brought to them via catering.

You might ask what types of food are available at such an establishment? The answer is it varies based on a wide array of factors such as neighborhood preference. But if your question is regarding the quality of the food and service of such an establishment, we would have to answer that unless it’s Furio’s Deli and Catering in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, we honestly can’t guarantee that you would be getting the absolute best.

Let’s have a sampling of the delicious selections one will encounter on Furio’s menu. How about a Grilled Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich with Swiss cheese, ham, and honey mustard? That got your attention didn’t it? What about a juicy Montreal burger on a Kaiser roll with Montreal seasoning and broccoli rabe? Hungry, fellah?

Is your mouth watering yet? Well keep that thought, because not only can you visit Furio’s deli to enjoy their extrodinary culinary masterpieces in person, Furio’s will just as willingly bring the food to you! Yes, that’s right. Furio’s Deli is also a full-feature corporate catering company that prides itself on providing you with the most outrageously delicious food you’ll ever experience, when you want it! Corporate Catering is our bread and butter. If you need to ‘WOW’ a particular client, call Furio’s first!

Furio’s is located in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, but the superiority of Furio’s corporate catering is known throughout Delaware County and the surrounding Philadelphia area.