You have worked so hard at the gym, been disciplined with grocery shopping, and kept a journal of every calorie you put into your mouth. The reward is just around the corner, looking fantastic for your class reunion in another month and a half. However, as a knowledgeable corporate representative, you have already planned catered events between now and then. How do you make it through these while facing the temptation of all those delicious dishes, desserts, and drinks? The mere aromas feel like they can pack on the pounds.

Don’t panic!

Furio’s Deli & CafĂ© understands the rewards of commitment and will help you with your own corporate catering menu. Meanwhile, we offer you tips to get through all of your other events by making a few suggestions:

  • Eat breakfast. Breakfast jump starts your day and gets your metabolism rolling.
  • Remember that the event is for your client! As a corporate representative, your goal at these events is not to focus on the food, but instead win the client over – through their stomach and taste buds! That’s not to say that you can’t just have a bite or two. With our corporate catering services, both you, and your client, will savor every bite.
  • Outside of catered events, limit alcohol consumption and drink lots of water. Alternate lite beer or wine with a refreshing glass of sparkling water with a citrus wedge. Follow a 1:1 ratio.
  • Choose raw vegetable munchies rather than anything fried or heavy with cheese or sauces.
  • Sneak in some exercise. If dancing is a part of the event, entertain your clients. Get out there and cut a rug! Sit as far as possible from the food but try to stay on your feet and mingle. Concentrate on the conversation rather than the alcohol and food.

Visualize your success at the party. Furio’s Deli & Corporate Catering applauds your efforts. Remember, when it is your turn to be the host, we can customize lighter calorie options for your menu. If you’re a corporate representative looking to make a GREAT impression, make sure to give us a call today for all your corporate catering needs! You, and your clients, won’t be sorry you did.