Pharmaceutical sales reps order dozens of catered meals at a time from Furio’s Corporate Catering on a regular basis. These reps have a long history of finding the best catering in town for themselves and for their clients.

They have to. They order lunches (and breakfast specialties) for their medical clients several days a week. These reps (some people call them legendary in the food business), seem to have a nose for great food.

Other observers call them The Titans of catering because they have a knack for discovering who the best caterers are in town. ‘Best caterers’ means that the food is not ordinary by any stretch of the imagination and it also means that the food is delivered on time.

Pharmaceutical Industry Statistics

  • The pharmaceutical catering sector is expected to grow five-fold in the next seven years.
  • There are over 15,000 pharmaceutical catering representatives employed in the Delaware Valley in 2012.
  • Jack Welch implies the pharmaceutical industry is growing at 5% GDP growth rate which is what this (7.8%) number is implying.”

Furio’s is located in Clifton Heights, Pennsylvania, but the superiority of Furio’s catering is known throughout Delaware County PA and surrounding areas.