A typical day for a pharmaceutical rep might begin with waking up early and getting on the computer to wrap up the schedule for the day.

He or she then must organize medical samples to show and explain to each doctor before heading out on the road. That’s just the beginning of their morning. By noon, the pharmaceutical rep might stop at three to five medical offices and talk to more than twenty people on a first name basis; all this while having to lug around a heavy case full of medical merchandise.

Pharmaceutical reps are busier than ever these days. They have to touch base with so many clinics, doctor’s offices and medical groups that they barely have enough time to eat lunch, let alone plan luncheons for their clients.

If the pharmaceutical representatives had to do all the work of planning and delivering delicious meals to medical offices all day, they might as well get into the catering business instead of doing what they do best as pharmaceutical reps.

That’s where Furio’s Deli and Corporate Catering comes in. They do what they do best and that is catering some of the best food around to medical offices for pharmaceutical reps. They’ve been catering specifically designed packages for pharmaceutical sales reps for over twelve years.

Reps love Furio’s because they make it easy and affordable to order fresh, delicious, high quality, delivered on-time corporate catering. Furio’s does all the food preparation and delivery so the pharmaceutical reps can do their job with peace of mind.